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Kuroda Seiki's The Fields was influenced by Raphael Collin's paintings in many ways. In comparison to Floreal, Kuroda leanred Collin's accurate depiction of human body and Impressionist style of background. To be more specifically, this painting is…

Kuroda Seiki suggests ideals of human body in many nude paintings, and his nude paintings were the model for his students. This painting can be related to Kim Kwanho's Lake in composition and atmosphere.
This triptych consists of a nude woman posed in different poses on three separate canvases coated with a gold ground. The different poses of women represent Kuroda's own symbolic representations of the concept. In addition, Kuroda suggests ideal…
In this painting, Kuroda depicts a girl lying under the tree. The effect of light is well presented in this painting, and we also can see Kuroda's trial to make Japanese style oil painting in this painting.
This painting is the most representative piece of Kuroda Seiki. The figure in the painting is Kuroda's wife Teruko Kuroda, and depicts the moment of their vacation.
This painting is based on historical story. Historic subject matter was one of the important subject matter of Kuroda Seiki. The subject matter and composition were influenced by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes's Le Repos.
This painting portrays a geisha from Kyoto with lake background. The influence of Impressionism can be seen in this works.
This painting was accepted for the Salon Nationale de Beaux-Arts in 1893, right before Kuroda returned to Japan. This was the first nude painting to be publicly exhibited in Japan, and provoked controversy due to drawing nude. This was lost to fire…
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