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Unlike Li Shutong's later works, a women's nude is subject matter in this painting. This is influence of Tokyo School of Fine Arts' curriculum which put emphasis on drawing human bodies.
This painting portrays a geisha from Kyoto with lake background. The influence of Impressionism can be seen in this works.
This painting is the most representative piece of Kuroda Seiki. The figure in the painting is Kuroda's wife Teruko Kuroda, and depicts the moment of their vacation.
This is a portrait of Duke Matsukata. Kuroda created this painting relatively late period, and it affected Go Hui-dong's Self-portrait with a Fan in composition.
Kuroda Seiki learned painting in Raphael Collin's atelier. Floreal is Raphael Collin's masterpiece, and it gave influence on Kuroda's emphasis on nude.
Kim Kwan-ho submitted this painting for Josun Art Exhibition in 1923, but this piece does not exist anymore. This painting is influenced by Kuroda Seiki's Nude, but Kim created nude of Asian woman.
This is originally published as an illustration in a slim brocure titled Shocking au Japon: De l'evolution de l'art dans l'empire du soleil levant (1895) by Fernand Ganeso, the image drawn by Georges bigot has only a short caption identifying its…!Blog.jpg
Pierre Puvis de Chavanne was one of the Kuroda Seiki's teacher when Kuroda was in France. Le Repos is based on historical story, and it affected Kuroda's Talk on Ancient Romance.
This painting was accepted for the Salon Nationale de Beaux-Arts in 1893, right before Kuroda returned to Japan. This was the first nude painting to be publicly exhibited in Japan, and provoked controversy due to drawing nude. This was lost to fire…

The news that Kim Kwanho graduated from Tokyo School of Fine Arts with the highest honor got into Maeilshinbo. The man in the right-lower side is Kim kwanho, and the news content is as follow. "Mr. Kim from Pyeongyang had the honor of the best…
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